ESTP member benefits

    • Congress fee reduction at the biannual ESTP congress (ECTP)
    • Free electronic subscription of the peer-reviewed scientific journal named Dermatology (Karger AG, Switzerland)
    • All members are encouraged to submit dermatology articles to this journal, section “tattoo and body art” (J. Serup section Editor)
    • Members shall receive newsletters for members only on new regulations, recently published research, relevant new information for the tattoo business including the tattooists and ink manufacturers
    • Mailings for your update with invitation to contribute to public hearings: Members are invited by mail to give comments when ESTP shall respond to public hearings initiated by EU and other organisations. ESTP will make your voice heard.
    • Download area: Documents like consent forms, advices on how to comply with CEN regulation on tattoo and hygiene, tattoo customer info materials, EU reports and documents including relevant directives and other regulations, national regulations will soon be provided on the website
    • Furthermore, scientific reports and books sponsored by ESTP and of special interest to ESTP members will be provided
    • Member to member contacts and friendships: promotion of contact, friendship and network across borders between ESTP members, who meet at the biannual congresses organised in different European cities- such as Copenhagen, Bruges, Regensburg and Bern. The ESTP is a living society that brings people together, clinical and experimental researchers, tattooists, PMU-artists, the tattoo ink industry and the regulators.
    • New projects you have and wish to expand: ESTP helps to establish project groups and new research in various aspects of tattoos and pigments. Bring your proposal and receive advices from ESTP with relevant contacts to members, who may join your project.


Initiatives for increasing membership recruitment

    • Network is a very effective way to impact membership recruitment. In the “participant evaluation” document of the ESTP congress in 2017 it is outlined that 53,33% heard about the congress from their colleagues.
    • Involve members (in particular cosmetic tattooists, manufacturers & tattooists): how do you benefit from being an ESTP member? What will make the membership more attractive/ beneficial from your viewpoint? 
    • Evaluate the new initiatives (helpdesk, download area etc.) at the next ESTP board meting
    • Promote ESTP through tattoo magazines.