About the Tattoo Clinic

The Tattoo Clinic at Bispebjerg Hospital – a new chapter for this 100-year old hospital

The Tattoo Clinic started activities in 2008 as a dedicated service for people who developed complications caused by their tattoo and who needed specialist investigation and treatment. The Clinic comes under the Department of Dermatology and works closely with the Wound Healing Resource Centre. The Clinic is the only specialist clinic in the Nordic Region. 

Complications from tattoos, reflecting the increase in popularity of tattoos, have become a significant new area within dermatology. Specialist knowledge and investigations are necessary – there are many types of complications, the dominant being infections and allergies. The Clinic develops and applies new treatments in collaboration with the Wound Healing Resource Centre. 

In collaboration with a number of institutes, the Clinic conducts research into tattooing and tattoo pigments. By introducing safe colours and improved diagnostics and treatment we wish to increase the safety of people receiving tattoos. The Clinic contributes with education, information and expert advice to authorities at home and abroad, including the Council of Europe. As a pioneer in this area, the Clinic has taken the initiative to hold the first International Research Congress on Tattooing and Pigment, with formation of a new scientific society. 

The purpose is to help people who have medical problems with their tattoos; people who once had healthy skin but now have unhealthy skin.

Jørgen Serup, Professor, Dr. Med. 

Department of Dermatology , "Tattoo Clinic".