Tattoo - Know your risk

In advance of the 1st European Congress on Tattoo and Pigment Research, held in Copenhagen, Denmark on 13-14 November 2013, the "Tattoo Clinic" at Bispebjerg University Hospital wished to share their knowledge, both good and bad, under the slogan "Tattoo - know your risk".

Norman Rockwell. "The Tattoo Artist", 1944

Worth knowing about tattoos 

Many people are happy with their tattoos. However, the decision to have a tattoo should be a qualified personal choice. It is your skin and your decision. We see the problems. You get them - perhaps.

Problems with tattoos

Tattoos can cause a number of unpleasant problems not only in the skin but also in other parts of the body. At the Tattoo Clinic at Bispebjerg Hospital we are conducting research into the effects of tattoos.

Check these questions before getting a tattoo

Before you decide to get a tattoo, the Tattoo Clinic recommends that you think about some important questions.

How to reduce the risk when you get a tattoo

If, after careful consideration of the consequences, you decide that you still want a tattoo, there are things you can do to reduce the risk associated with a tattoo.

About a Tattoo Clinic

The Tattoo Clinic at Bispebjerg Hospital – a new chapter for this 100-year old hospital.